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Hand-Crafted Carbon Fiber Goods, Made in America
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MagWallet - Spread Tow Carbon Fiber

$ 49.99
The MagWallet in a a spread tow carbon fiber weave. This is the same pattern that Louis Vitton attempts to emulate with their 'graphite' series of leather products - but here, it's the real deal in full carbon fiber. Spread tow is a new weave style known for its improved stiffness, since there is less crimping of the fibers. Store up to 10 cards and 8 bills in our small and light minimalist wallet. A V-notched loading slot makes inserting cards a breeze, while allowing you to quickly and easily remove a single card or all of them at once. Slide out the cards half way and press on the wallet's backside to fan out the cards and select any one individually from the complete stack.

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