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Hand-Crafted Carbon Fiber Goods, Made in America
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Carbon Clip

We're proud to manufacture the BEST carbon fiber money clips on the market. Our in house clips are made using a proprietary molding process that allows us to achieve a full gloss finish on both the outside and inside surface - a feat that most other manufacturers can't achieve. Take a look at our competitor's clips: they usually try their best to hide the interior surface because their clips are never polished to a full gloss inside and out. On top of that, their clips are incredibly thin and flimsy and do a poor job of clamping your cash and cards together. Our clips feature an extra thick carbon laminate stack, ensuring that your stack stays together. Best of all, our proprietary molding process means we can easily offer unique weave styles, such as our world exclusive Spread Tow Carbon Fiber Money Clip.

We offer FREE SHIPPING on our money clips to our customers in the US, Canada, and Mexico, and have a $5 flat rate shipping option available to our friends located in all other countries.