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Hand-Crafted Carbon Fiber Goods, Made in America
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Our Process

We specialize in carbon fiber

Our carbon fiber manufacturing sets up apart from all other EDC Gear makers, and the proof is in our name: our core industry is making carbon fiber composite parts. We've taken that skill and applied our extensive product design expertise to create the highest quality carbon EDC gear available on the market. We encourage you to compare the quality, finish, and strength of our composite materials to other EDC manufacturers out there, who typically buy their carbon in preformed sheets from industrial suppliers who focus on cost over quality.

Made in America

DFWcomposites was founded to allow everyone to experience the beauty and benefits of carbon fiber, a space age material, in their everyday lives. We manufacture our carbon products in house, right here in Dallas, Texas in our own facility. Since we process our carbon parts from raw material to finished product, we're able to offer an amazing variety of customization options to help make your purchase unique to your tastes. Doing all of our manufacturing in house means we can offer the highest levels of quality control and attention to detail, and we proudly embrace our Made in the USA label. 

The Carbon

We make our carbon using a special form of vacuum infusion that we've developed which allows us to create high gloss, ultra durable carbon parts from any form of raw, dry carbon fiber fabric. This allows us to offer very unique weave styles, and we believe this sets us apart from other EDC manufacturers - while most buy their finished carbon stock from large manufacturers, we're able to make small runs of specialty weave styles (such as spread tow or metallic laced parts) that are some of the most unique and attractive looking carbon parts on the market. See the gallery below to find out what we mean.  


classic 2x2 close
Classic 2x2 Carbon
4x4 close
4x4 Carbon
speadtow close
Spread Tow
red close
Red Metallic
copper close
Copper Metallic
blue close
Blue Metallic